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RailConnect TMS: Correct Car Mark  

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Errors in equipment initials and numbers can occur in TMS, most often when cars are interchanged online manually with the incorrect initial and number. When you correct a mistake, you can specify whether to reset a car’s ID back to the point at which the car was interchanged or whether to change only the current waybill. It will not impact prior history for that car.

Bio: Andrew Parker is Senior Product Manager for Wabtec’s RailConnect TMS product line. Andrew has held various positions in his 17 years with Wabtec, from Customer Support, Customer Management, Service Delivery, Product Strategy, to Product Management.  

In his present capacity he serves as the liaison between our engineering group and our customer base driving new enhancements and change requests through to implementation and delivery. 

Andrew is a SME for several of the RailConnect products including Transportation Management System (TMS), Rail Carrier Interface (RCI), Mobile Reporting (mCrew), Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

Andrew is a leading expert in interfacing and process management for Railroads of all sizes and complexities.

Andrew received his BS in Economics and Sociology at Elon University in Elon, NC.